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About us

lapToppers is a multi purpose durable and portable top made of laminated wood for laptop, breakfast in bed, writing and anything else you can think of.

Now introducing new laptopper family are bookTopper and padTopper.

bookTopper has intergral retractable book stand and padTopper has integral retractable tablet computer stand.

It is the coolest notebook accessories and multi purpose portable desk.

General features :

Laptop pillow - provides extra support while reading, writing or working on a laptop computer

"U" shape - sits comfortably around your waist

Filled with Styrofoam beads - gives it flexibility to conform to a lap surface

Choice of fabric accents which include contemporary design as well as traditional Batik - fashionable color, shades and neutrals easily complement decor.

Choice of natural wood surface, clear top or printed image to suit individual personal style.


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